P. J. Delbarre & Cie. - Portrait of Photographer Auguste Vacquerie Holding His Watch as if He Were Timing a Photograph's Exposure
Barbara Morgan - City Shell (Photomontage)
Francois Kollar - Photomontage with Chess Pieces and Woman
Carleton E.  Watkins - California Railroad Ferry Solano
Ilse Bing - French Cancan, Moulin Rouge, Paris
Jerry Spagnoli - Obama Inauguration (Swearing In)

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Philippe Garner Retires from Christie's

Philippe Garner, who held the first modern photography auction in the U.K. in 1971 at Sotheby's and then moved first to Phillips and then on to Christie's in 2004, finally…

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Featured Exhibit

Art Photography in Japan Between the Wars (1920–1940)

This collection reflects the diversity of photographic styles and imagery that occurred in Japan between WWI and WWII—an important, but little-known time of the medium's development in that country. Painterly,…

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Collecting Resources

A Certificate of Insurance and Why You Need to Get One When You Loan Out Work

There are many misconceptions regarding Certificates of Insurance. The following information may help to provide a greater understanding of their proper and intended use.

It is common practice in the…

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