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A pioneer of Women's Rights and other important causes, Swisshelm was of a woman of great accomplishment—in any era. She weathered a strife-filled marriage, and went on to use the experience to convince the Pennsylvania legislature to enact new laws, allowing women to own property. She started an abolitionist newspaper in Pittsburgh, and later ran several papers when she moved to St. Cloud, Minnesota. She remained unbowed, even when one of those papers was attacked by vigilantes, and its press thrown in the Mississippi River. Swisshelm's 1880 book, "Half a Century" includes accounts of her experiences as a Civil War nurse, and her work to save the lives of men suffering of gangrene.

Printed text on verso, inside decorative border, reads: WHITNEY'S GALLERY SAINT PAUL The plate from which this Picture was made will be preserved. PHOTOGRAPH ALBUMS IN GREAT VARIETY. CARD Photographs of Indians, Scenery & Celebrities FOR SALE. Handwritten in pencil: Mrs. J. G. Swisshelm.

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Jane Grey Swisshelm, Early Abolitionist and Feminist, Bust Portrait
Hall & Co's Photograph Gallery Jane Grey Swisshelm, Early Abolitionist and Feminist, Bust Portrait

Price $275

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Ref.# 10278

Medium Cartes-de-visite

Photo Date 1850c  Print Date 1850c

Dimensions 4 x 2.5 in. (102 x 64 mm)

Photo Country United States (USA)

Photographer Country United States (USA)


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