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Barbara Morgan
City Shell (Photomontage)
Felix Jacques Moulin (attributed to)
Seated Female Nude with Purple Skirt at Mirror
Vik Muniz
Orphan Girl at the Cemetery, after Delacroix from Gordian Puzzles
Charles Negre
Chênes en Hiver (Oak Trees in Winter)
Charles Negre
Moulins de Font Laugière, Grasse
Charles Negre
Ramparts at Arles
Charles Negre
The West Porch of Saint-Trophime, Arles
Charles Negre
Toulon, la rade et l'escadre (Harbor and Fleet at Toulon, France)
Luis Gonzalez Palma
La Sombras de su Ninez (The Shadows of his Youth)
Frank Paulin
Lovers, Time Square, New York City, NY
Pierre Emile Joseph Pécarrère
Cathédrale de Chartres, Statues du Portail Sud, des Confesseurs
Irving Penn
Girl in Bed (Jean Patchett), New York
Henri Victor Regnault or Louis-Remy Robert
Courtyard of the Manufactory, Sevres
Mike Robinson
Camera Obscura at Talbot's Lacock Abbey
Auguste Salzmann
Jerusalem - Saint Sepulcre - Bas relief (Porte d'Entrée)
Sherril Schell
Light and Shadow in New York City, NY
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