993 to 1008 of 1186
Anonymous (Japanese)
Miso Merchant, Seisaku Funaoka, and Family
Anonymous (Japanese)
Portrait of Iwasaki Misaro and Murai Yoshiro
Anonymous (Japanese)
Portrait of Two Women and a Young Boy: Koyama Yoshi, Ono Chuji, and Ono Sei
Anonymous (Japanese)
Studio Portrait of a Seated Young Man Wearing a Kimono
Anonymous (Japanese)
Three Portraits of Distinguished Japanese Gentlemen
Anonymous (Japanese)
Three-Part Panorama of Korean Coast, Probably from Japanese Warship
Anonymous (Japanese)
Two Ladies with High, Nihakyu Sankochi Yui, Hair Styles
Anonymous (Japanese)
Two Portraits of Japanese Gentlemen
Anonymous (Japanese)
Untitled (figure on rural road)
Anonymous (possibly August Belloc)
Female in Negligee Taking off Her Stockings
Anonymous (possibly by Carleton E. Watkins)
Big Trees, California
Anonymous (Possibly by Margaret Bourke White)
Photographer Margaret Bourke White in North Africa
Anonymous (possibly by Roger Fenton)
A Large English Landscape Study with Two Female Forms in the Distance
Anonymous (possibly copied/printed by Hippolyte Bayard)
Japanese Woman in Winter Garb, Anthropological Study
Anonymous (possibly James Valentine)
Loch in Scotland
Anonymous (possibly Mederic Mieusement)
Column Capital in the Church of St. Nicolas, Blois, France
993 to 1008 of 1186