Issue #94  10/4/2005
Charles Schwartz's Work Featured in The NY Times

An article on I Photo Central dealer and photographer Charles Schwartz's camera obscura, which is mounted atop his New York City penthouse apartment and his photographs using the camera obscura were featured in the Sunday, Oct. 2nd City Section of the New York Times, along with images of his collaborator Bill Westheimer. While the actual City Section is only available in New York City, the article can still be virtually accessed online at http://www.nytimes.com/2005/10/02/nyregion/thecity/02came.html .

This was the third article in the New York Times on Schwartz's camera obscura work, following up on two earlier stories that ran in May 2000.

The images are part of a group show at the Alan Klotz Gallery, 511 W 25th St, Suite 701, New York City. The show, "Contemporary Obscurists: The Camera Obscura in Contemporary Photography" runs through November 12, 2005. It will also feature the work of Stephen Berkman, Rebecca Cummins, Vera Lutter, Abelardo Morell and Shi Guorui.

Charles Schwartz has also published a four-color catalogue of his and Bill Westheimer's work with the camera obscura, which contains an essay by Gail Buckland on the work itself and a short description of Schwartz's camera obscura and how it works by Jennie Hirschfeld. Copies of the catalogue are available from Alan Klotz gallery for $15. Klotz can be reached at 1-212-741-4764 or by email at: info@klotzgallery.com .