Issue #95  10/21/2005
Chartres Auction Nets 148,000 Euros, 90% Sold Rate

Sandwiched in between the big New York City auctions, Galerie de Chartres small photography auction, just outside of Paris, provided some action on the other side of the pond. The auction was held on Saturday, October 8th. For a small French auction it did very well, netting 148,000 euros (over $180,000) and an admirable 90% sell-through rate. It also provided some important 19th-century material, which is now totally missing in New York.

The cover lots--two fine daguerreotype stereos, either by A. Bertrand or attributed to him--got into low five figures, while other stereo daguerreotypes also sold very well, many, if not most, at record levels for the type of material.

The first of the Bertrand's was one picturing a stereo viewer, photo chemicals and a glass funnel. It sold for 12,650 euros (or about $15,400), including premium. I underbid the lot by phone.

I also played bride's maid to the next stereo daguerreian lot, which showed a young Caucasian woman leaning on the lap of a North African man. It sold for 14,950 euros (or about $18,200), including premium.

My friend and fellow I Photo Central dealer Arnaud Delas of Galerie Hypnos is the expert and contact for Galerie de Chartres.