Issue #100  1/8/2006
Travel Plans For The West Coast

I will be coming out to the West Coast and staying in Santa Monica at the DoubleTree Inn from January 17 and leaving the morning of January 26. I have taken an extra large suite to be able to show our work comfortably during this week. I would be happy to make an appointment to show you some of our most recent pieces, including both key vintage photographs and a selection of contemporary work (some brand new and being shown for the first time) from the photographers that we represent, including Marcus Doyle, Joel D. Levinson, Charlie Schreiner, Lisa Holden and Ray Bidegain.

I would also be happy to bring out any piece/s that you would be interested in viewing, but you have to let me know by January 15th at the latest, so it would be a good idea to review our pieces on line at http://www.vintageworks.net/search/search.php . You can perform numerous searches using the drop-down menus, such as price and/or date range, and key word search field to limit your search group. Or use the photographer list to select specific photographer's work.

My mobile phone, which I only use while I am on the road (call our office directly at 1-215-822-5662 at all other times), is 1-215-518-6962. You may also be able to reach me at the DoubleTree.

Some of the highlights of our latest purchases that we may bring include (not all are currently up on the web site): three vintage Man Ray prints, including one of Kiki that may be unique (it certainly is wonderful); Pierre Verger 1930's photographs of Mexico; a 1938 vintage print by Manuel Alverez Bravo; several important early Harry Callahan's; two spectacular and important images by Francois Kollar, including a double impression of his famous Eiffel Tower image; a print of Werner Stoy's iconic Six-Fifteen, Los Angeles; important carte-de-visite images by Julia M. Cameron, including Summer Days in a perfect print; scarce vintage black and whites of Marilyn Monroe taken by Eve Arnold and Elliot Erwitt; also images by Boubat, Doisneau, Atget, Bovis, Baldus, Stettner, Bellon and Balogh--just to mention a few.

If you want to get a jump on what we will be exhibiting at February's AIPAD Show in New York City and you are in the Los Angeles area this January, please call, because we will only be showing by appointment on the West Coast.

Of course, you can also contact Marthe Smith in our home office while I am gone for any other purchases from the website or questions.