Issue #12  3/1/2000
Anonymous Jammes Bidder L080 Identified

After months of speculation, the identity of the mysterious L080 has reportedly been revealed. 

I had been hearing details for several weeks about the anonymous Sotheby's London buyer who spent nearly $8 million at this past October's sale of the Jammes photography collection.  One major collector told me that he absolutely knew who the buyer was and that he was a wealthy Middle Eastern individual. 

Finally, yesterday the French newspaper Le Monde reported that Saoud Al-Thani, a relative of the Amir Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani, who is the head of the gulf state of Qatar, was probably the bidder. 

Saoud Al Thani is reportedly responsible for the Emirate's cultural policies and plans on building a major museum of modern art in his country.