Issue #104  4/18/2006
Special Spring Clearance Sale Continues On I Photo Central

Please visit the Special Spring Clearance sale on I Photo Central, which is brought to you by our photography dealers. These items are available at special sale prices (from 20 to over 60% off the regular list price) for only a limited time, from now until only June 21st. Many of the items regular list prices were reduced earlier by over 20%, so the actual net reductions may be well over 40% to 80% in many instances. These are all final prices, so no other discounts apply. Shipping/insurance may also be added. After June 21st prices will revert on these items to the original list price.

There are some great deals, so check them out soon at: http://www.iphotocentral.com/sale/sale.php .

If you want to do further sorts on the sale list, you can go to the Search Images page at http://www.iphotocentral.com/search/search.php and put SpringClearanceSale2 into the key word field. Then you can also use the other search fields, such as price range, country, etc. When you have all your choices made, simply hit the Search button (not the Show All Images button). When you put in the key word, you must have the capital letters in properly and no space between the words or the number "1". Also make sure you do not have any extra space after the key word. This way if you are bargain hunting, you can put in a range from $1 to $500, or if you want to focus on the top end, just put in a range from $1,000 (or $2,500 or $5,000) to No Limit.

Here is a list of some of the important photographers from the 19th-century currently on sale: Baldus, Beaucorps, Bresolin, Rev. Bridges, Atget, Berthier, Bertsch, Bourne, Braun, Cameron, Charnay, Clifford, Constant, Cuvelier, Daguerreotypes, De Clercq, Devaria, Disderi, Eakins, Emerson, Evans, Fenton, Frenet, Frith, Hammerschmidt, Hugo, Jackson, Rev. C. Jones, Langlois, Laurent, Le Secq, Loppe, Lotze, Lummis, MacPherson, Mailand, Marconi, Marville, Maxwell Lyte, Miot, Moulin, Dr. Murray, Muybridge, Naya, Negre, Pluschow, Ponti, Quinet, Robertson & Beato, Rumine, Salzmann, Savage, Simelli, Sommer, Spackman, Terris, Tripe, Vacquerie, Vallou de Villeneuve, Von Gloeden, Watkins and Whitehurst.

The 20th-century photographers in the sale include: Abbott, Albin-Guillot, Bellon, Berko, Berman, Bing, Blanc et Demilly, Bovis, Brassai, Bravo (both Lola and Manuel), Bubley, Cartier-Bresson, Coburn, Curtis, De Dienes, Demachy, Dieuzaide, Doisneau, Drtikol, Erwitt, Fassbender, Feininger, Funke, Garduno, Genthe, Gibson, Guidalevitch, Haas, Halsman, Herve, Hine, Hoff, Hurley, Imboden, Iooss, Iturbide, Izis, Johnston, Kertesz, Kessels, Kinszki, Klein, Kollar, Krull, Lange, Laughlin, Lauschmann, Leifer, Man Ray, Mantz, Masclet, McDarrah, Meyerowitz, Misonne, Modotti, Monsen, Moon, Mortensen, NASA, Newman, Puyo, Reichmann, Rene-Jacques, Riboud, Rittase, Rossler, Rothstein, Rubinstein, Ruzicka, Schall, Seeley, Siegel, Siskind, Smith, Steichen, Steiner, Stettner, Stouman, Strand, Sudek, Sudre, Suschitzky, Tolstoi, Tuefferd, Van Vechten, Webb, Welpott, Weston (Brett, Edward and Neil), White and Wyman.