Issue #107  7/10/2006
Largest Update Ever On Vintage Works Images; Over 300 New Images Added in a Week

I went a little wild on my last buying trip to Europe. We have now added over 300 additional images to inventory--with many more to come after we return from Photo San Francisco and our West Coast trip later this month, so also watch in August for further additions to the websites.

It is difficult to list even a small number of these exciting photographs. But to give you a sampling, here are some of the 20th century images:

--A very rare and good Brassai of the Rome metro and a drunk sleeping it off.

--The only print in this size in private hands of the Henri Cartier-Bresson Magnum printing of Seville (plus other C-B images).

--Over a dozen new vintage Robert Doisneau images.

--The 1937 print by Robert Capa of the "Death of a Loyalist Soldier" that was actually used for the first printing in Life magazine (as well as another print of this image from circa 1964).

--Five vintage Jeanloup Sieff photographs (two early 1962 nudes--one including self portrait; and three 1960s prints from his coverage of Warsaw, Poland)

--A group of Josef Sudeks (two important still lifes, plus lots of vintage scenics).

--An Izis Paris night study a la Brassai.

--Daniel Masclet's published 1928 print of Pont Marie.

--The very famous and ground-breaking image of "Marian Anderson on the Steps of the Lincoln Memorial", which was used in the original 1939 article of Life magazine. Taken by Thomas McAvoy, who was one of the four original Life staff photographers along with Margaret Bourke-White, Alfred Eisenstaedt and Carl Mydans.

--A scarce vintage Mario Giacomelli still life.

--Edith Gerin's multiple exposures and her signature image of a couple kissing on a park bench in the Parc du Luxembourg.

--A great vintage Willy Kesels nude with mask.

--Charles Harbutt's 1978 vintage photograph of a circus poster.

--A Willy Ronis vintage print of a painter in studio, probably Andre L'Hote.

--Several highly important autochromes, including a rare early tri-chrome stereo of the Lumiere Brother's photo equipment, Tournassoud's Mistress in a Hammock, a nude model in an artist's studio, a painter in his garden, plus many other great ones.

--A rare, although well-known vintage portrait of the Lumiere brothers in profile.

--A group of Gordon Parks images of a 1950 Paris assignment to cover the Harcourt Photography Studio for Life magazine.

--An important group of Christophe Pruszkowski images (including several large and rare ones). Pruszkowski's photosythesis approach has been highly influential on many contemporary artists, and he continues to make ground-breaking work, including a series on Iraqi terrorists.

--A rare vintage 1927 film still from Metropolis.

--Very rare vintage prints by Jacques Lowe (Intimate scene of John and Jackie Kennedy in the White House at dinner; and John Kennedy at work).

--A fine group of modernist prints from Blanc & Demilly.

--A vintage still life by Dr. Agha.

-- Perhaps Jürgen Schadeberg's best London image in a vintage print.

-- A 1924 Albert Rudomine of a Seated Nude.

--Early (circa 1910-1912) Astronomy views (comet, moon, exploding nebula, etc.).

--Three rare Sougez cloud studies.

--A Dora Maar study of hands.

--A rare view of the Athen's Parthenon by James Craig Annan.

--Two truly amazing images by R.L. Sleeth (a friend of Edward Steichen, and a steel industrialist from Pittsburgh).

--A very large and mounted X-Ray of a Woman from the early 1900s.

--And photographs (in most cases multiple images) by Inge Morath, Gus Manos, Gianni Berengo Gardin (some of his best images; he is called the Cartier-Bresson of Italy), Edouard Boubat, Irina Ionesco, Tomio Seike, Douglas Duncan, Laure Albin-Guillot, Jean Marie and Pierre Auradon, Denise Bellon, Victor Guidalivitch, Fritz Henle, Arthur Tress, Thurston Hopkins--just to mention a few names.

And these are in addition to a number of masterworks just added in May, which include two important Irving Penn's, a vintage Cartier-Bresson of Seville, a platinum print of the Photographer John Hagemeyer by Edward Weston, two Robert Franks, a Brett Weston dune, platinum prints of the Seeley sisters by both George Seeley and Alvin L. Coburn, a Yavno "Leg", John Coplan's " Self Portrait: Back and Hands", and a pair of Stieglitz autochromes of his daughter.

The 19th century includes:

--A tinted over-sized full-plate daguerreotype of Southworth & Hawes of an attractive woman with an off-the-shoulder dress.

--A rich and wonderful salt print from paper negative of the Citadel of Cairo by Anton Schranz.

--A salt print portrait of Jean Bernard Leon Foucault.

--A fine mammoth plate prints from Carleton Watkins (Devil's Canyon).

--Simply the best Alphonse Davanne that I have ever seen (Ships in Harbor at Le Treport in Normandy).

--Eugene Atget's "Mme. Chabrol et Etalage de Volailles aux Halles" (plus several other Atgets).

--A print of Crimean War Heroes by Cundall and Howlett.

--A circa 1860 Edmond Lebel image of his studio (the only other variant resides in the Musée d'Orsay).

--A Von Gloeden of a young flute player.

--A Louis Rutherfurd albumin print of the moon in eclipse.

--A scene in Brittany by Tournier that shows the identical street in sun and then in rain (I have never seen anything like it; he must have been experimenting with the light).

--Several Charles Marville salt prints.

--Numerous Western U.S. views, including of San Francisco, redwoods, etc. by photographers, such as Taber, Savage and Jackson.

--Several important stereo daguerreotypes, including one of a family with bird cage by Claudet and an erotic gypsy-like pose of a disheveled woman with pipe.

--An early Felice Beato photograph of four Japanese street performers and musicians.

--An interesting group of large prints documenting Hamburg, Germany by Georg Koppmann.

--A series of beautifully done albumin prints of views of the Himalayas from Kashmir.

--A fresh Middle East group by Wilheim Hammerschmidt (you will have to wait until August for most of these, but I have posted a separate Hammerschmidt of the Tree of the Virgin that is a solid '10').

--Several Samuel Bourne's of India.

--A salt print of three Italian pifferari in a Paris studio.

--A pair of fine lake scenes at Pierrefonds-les-Bains, France by Louis Joseph Deflubé.

--An interesting standing image of a young child by Louis Roger du Val (Comte du Manoir).

--Quarter plate ambrotypes of two women playing chess and a French guitar player with glasses.

Plus lots of other images just too numerous to mention.

These and more can all be found at http://www.iphotocentral.com/search/search.php and putting in the Time Frame of Posting as "Past 7 days" (or more, if you are looking at this past the initial newsletter date).

We will also bring many of these items with us to Photo San Francisco, where we have taken our largest exhibition stand to date. While we were able to get many of these items matted and even framed, you will have to ask to see the additional boxes at the show. Our booth is AB2 and is right at the beginning of the entrance at the show, which will run from July 20-23rd at the Fort Mason Center.

With all the new images, I have also drastically revamped most of the special exhibitions from Vintage Works, Ltd. on the websites, so you might want to check them out at: http://www.iphotocentral.com/showcase/showcase.php .