Issue #115  11/22/2006
Bassenge Will Auction 382 19th- 20th and 21st-Century Lots On Dec 6th

Bassenge Photography Auctions is offering 382 lots in their upcoming photography auction on Dec. 6, 2006. Vintage prints by renowned photographers are among the wide selection being auctioned, ranging from the earliest photographers such as the German photographer Meylius to 20th-century masters such as Brassai and Krull to cutting edge contemporary photographers such as Gregory Crewdson.

Landscapes range from 19th-century ones by Bourne & Shepherd, Francis Frith, Scowen, G. Sommer and A. Kotzsch to 20th- and 21st-century photographs by A.Adams, J. Breitenbach, G. Crewdson, W. Eggleston, F. Fontana, P. Keetman, A. Renger-Patzsch and Rodchenko, as well as by lesser known photographers such as J. Burke and William Barker, F.J. Fridrich, R. Bothner, U. Brodmann and others.

Intriguing portraits include an icon of photography "La môme Bijou" in a fine signed later print by Brassai. There are also portraits of Joseph Beuys (Zoa), Richard Strauss (Binder), Max Ernst (J. Breitenbach), Greta Garbo (C.S. Bull), Alfred Döblin (J. Schmidt), Werner Fink (F. Eschen), Cindy Sherman (A. Frajndlich), Orson Welles (E. Haas), Anna May Wong (G. Hurrell), Mary Wigman and Albert Einstein (Lotte Jacobi), Ernest Hemingway and Alberto Moravia (Y. Karsh), Max Klinger and Franz Marc (by unknown photographers), Jean Cocteau (H. Martinie), Robert Rauschenberg (H. Namuth), Gerhard Richter (D. Schwerdtle), Marilyn Monroe (B. Stern), Hans Bellmer (K. Szekessy).

There is also a wide range of attractive city and architecture views by Baldus, Hammerschmidt, Krone, Mieusement, Meylius, F.A. Schwarz, Atget,W. Mantz, etc.

Object, experimental and "straight" photography is represented in the work by W. Evans, Finsler, R. Häusser, C. Höfer, G.R. Hoxie, W. Kessels, F. Lazi, K. Bringmann, Hajek-Halke, R. Horn, G. Klucis, Les Krims, B. Halpern Cutler, L. Jacobi, F. Bruguiere and J. Dreville.

Lovers of travel, fashion and erotic photography will also find some real treasures, including a Germaine Krull portfolio "Akte" from 1924, as well as very interesting ethnographic material from mid-19th century.

If you have any questions or need condition reports, please contact the photography expert Jennifer Augustyniak, Tel.: +4930 219 97 277 Fax: +4930 219 97 105 or e-mail jennifer@bassenge.com . Remember that in the U.S. you should dial 011 first and then the number. From other countries it is usually 00 and then the number.

The auction will be held on Dec.6, Wednesday at 15:00, Erdener Str. 5a, 14193 Berlin, Germany, tel.: +4930 893 80290, fax.: +4930 89180 25.

You can preview the work from Nov. 27-Dec 5, Monday-Tuesday from 10-18:00, as well as by appointment, at Rankestr. 24, 10789 Berlin, Germany (near the Gedächtniskirche), tel.: +49 30 219 97 277. The online catalogue can be found at: http://www.bassenge.com .