Issue #116  12/5/2006
Get Your Last Minute Holiday Gifts At The I Photo Central Holiday Sale

In case you missed it, newsletter readers can now see a special limited End-of-the-Year Holiday sale on I Photo Central brought to you by all five of the website's photography dealers. These items are available at sale prices (from 20 to over 70% off the regular list price) for just ten more days, from now until December 15th, so don't delay. Many of the items' regular list prices were reduced earlier, so the actual net reductions may be well over 40% to 80% in many instances. These are all final prices, so no other discounts apply. Shipping/insurance may also be added. Photographs continue to be added to the sale so check back.

There are some great deals, so review them soon at: http://www.iphotocentral.com/sale/sale.php .

If you want to do further sorts on the sale list, you can go to the Search Images page at http://www.iphotocentral.com/search/search.php and put EndofYearSale1 into the key word field. Then you can also use the other search fields, such as price range, country, date range, etc. When you have all your choices made, simply hit the Search button (not the Show All Images button). When you put in the key word, you must have the capital letters in properly and no space between the words or the number "1". Also make sure you do not have any extra space after the key word. This way if you are bargain hunting, you can put in a range from $1 to $500, or if you want to focus on the top end, just put in a range from $1000 (or $5000) to No Limit.

To introduce a new feature on the website, a number of photography dealers on I Photo Central are also running a special Book Sale offer on most of the books we have recently posted up on line. Most are now at a 20% or even greater discount. You will also save shipping costs if you order $250 or more per dealer. This sale also ends December 15th, so check out the sale now. A book makes a great holiday gift.

You will find some of the rarest and most sought-after books and portfolios, including Henri Cartier-Bresson's magnus opus (The Decisive Moment); dozens of signed books from leading photographers (such Eggleston, Kertesz, Friedlander, Sudek, Avedon, Lyon, Teske, Clark, Sturges, Weston, Bernhard, Davidson, Witkin, Shibata, Siskind, Warhol, Michals, Doyle, Levinson, Fee, Webb and others); and some of the hardest to find incunabula from the earliest days of photography, for instance, the collected papers presented at the Academy of Sciences in Paris in 1839 announcing the invention of photography, including the famous report by Arrago, a 19th-century reproduction of the correspondence between Daguerre and Niepce, and a Rare 1851 First Volume of the influential Journal La Lumiere--only about a dozen copies exist, most in French public institutions. Also included are photo-illustrated books and portfolios, such as Peter Henry Emerson's "The Compleat Angler" and "Wild Life on a Tidal Water", plus many modern portfolios and books with prints.

Of course, there are also many other very low priced photography books listed on the site that can fill in your library or make great holiday presents. And many more books have been and will be added to the list over the next three weeks (and beyond), so keep checking back.

The Book Sale can be found at: http://www.iphotocentral.com/sale/result_list.php/32/Booksale1/0 .

While the books can be searched on the regular Search pages with the drop-down menu on media (just select "books"), we expect to soon have an entirely separate photography bookstore--the first such multi-dealer version on the web.

I encourage bookstores with a photography orientation to contact me at 1-215-822-5662 for details on how to join I Photo Central and put inventory into this new internet resource. And I encourage our newsletter readers to go and see the many rare photography books currently on sale on the site. Many are rare first editioned and signed copies. Others will make great additions to any research library