Issue #123  4/9/2007
An Expansion and a New Name For My Company

You may have noticed that I have been referring to my company in a slightly different way in this newsletter and in other places, such as show catalogues. Because of the representation of a number of contemporary artists and to avoid confusion, I have decided, perhaps not very logically, to do business under two names (and occasionally under both names together): Vintage Works, Ltd., which is the parent company, and Contemporary Works, which is a subsidiary and what is commonly referred to as a DBA (doing business as) name.

The name "Vintage Works, Ltd." has been synonymous for vintage photography masterworks of the 19th and 20th-century, and will continue to be. But that name alone seemed to give the wrong impression to some contemporary collectors. We have begun to show the work of a strong stable of important international contemporary artists, including Lisa Holden, Marcus Doyle, Stanko Abadzic, Krzysztof Pruszkowski, Charlie Schreiner, Jerry Spagnoli, Joel D. Levinson, Ted Jones, and now Arthur Tress (both his vintage and contemporary work). I wanted collectors to understand that we now represent some of the best of this new work.

As a part of this process, besides showing on the I Photo Central website, there are now two separate websites for each company. Contemporary Works' new website can now be found at http://www.contemporaryworks.net .

You may also have to look for us under the C's now in show catalogues, such as AIPAD and Art Chicago, where we are listed under "Contemporary Works/Vintage Works", because we will have a fine selection of both types of work at these fairs. I look forward to meeting old and new clients at both upcoming fairs and showing you just how we have expanded. In the meantime feel free to peruse the websites.