Issue #137  12/4/2007
Nearly 200 New Photos Added to I Photo Central; Plus Special Exhibits

During the last month nearly 200 new photographs have been added to the I Photo Central website, including many classics. Plus, numerous Special Exhibits have also been added. To see everything that has been added, click here: http://www.iphotocentral.com/search/result_list.php/16/30/0 .

Some of the 19th-century works include: a colored ¼-plate ambrotype of a photographer mixing chemicals (plus several other nice hard images); a tree study by Eugene Cuvalier; Pietro Dovizielli's famed "Cascade delle Ferriere, Tivoli"; a salt print of the Temple of Fortuna Virilis (Temple of Portunus), Rome by Eugene Constant; three nude studies by Auguste Belloc; a beautiful salt portrait by Adam-Salomon; a very large Le Gray of the Pavilion Sully at the New Palais du Louvre; three very important Felix Teynard's of Egypt that were printed outside of the normal H. de Fonteny edition; a magical salt print of Sheep and a Peasant Girl; and a stunning salt print by Baldus (fabulous color) of the Old Hotel de Ville from the Pont d'Arcole. To see all the 19th-century work added recently in the last month, just click http://www.iphotocentral.com/search/result_list.php/17/0/1840/1899/30/0 . We will have some additional images not yet up on the site at AIPAD Photography Miami show this week.

Twentieth-century works include: a very early and important Robert Frank print of the rare "Butte, MT" image from "The Americans"; lots of Max Waldman images (we received two new collections of his work); another great group of ballet images from Kim Camba; many of Robert Doisneau's key images; a large group of Helen Levitt's, both vintage and printed later; some really great images from Cartier-Bresson, Edgerton, Morgan, Atget, Kertesz, Bourke-White, Boubat, Korda, Halsman,Webb and Albin-Guillot. To see all the 20th-century work added recently in the last month, just click: http://www.iphotocentral.com/search/result_list.php/17/0/1900/1989/30/0 . Again, we still have lots more to post up to the site, so ask us about the new work at the AIPAD Photography Miami show this week.

New contemporary works by Arthur Tress, Claudia Kunin and Claudia Kunin have also been added to the I Photo Central website and their respective Special Exhibits.

Several new Special Exhibits have also been added to the website, including the following:

Ambrotype: Glass Images of a Fragile World http://www.iphotocentral.com/showcase/showcase_view.php/172/1/1 .

Arthur Tress: Pointer Series http://www.iphotocentral.com/showcase/showcase_view.php/160/1/0 .

Historic New York Subway Images, Documents of Construction, Circa 1900

http://www.iphotocentral.com/showcase/showcase_view.php/167/3/0 .

Max Waldman: Stunning Dance, Theater, Nudes and Portraits http://www.iphotocentral.com/showcase/showcase_view.php/171/1/1 .

Tintypes: A Quirky History on Metal http://www.iphotocentral.com/showcase/showcase_view.php/173/1/0 .

Of course, lots of other new photographs have been added to the current Special Exhibits, so you should check them all out by going here: http://www.iphotocentral.com/showcase/showcase.php . There are not only photographs for sale, but also in-depth essays that accompany each Photo Exhibit.