Issue #17  7/1/2000
A Great Photo Book Catalogue Free to Readers

I've long been a fan of Charles Wood's photo book catalogues. Wood has published thick well-illustrated catalogues for some decades now, and past copies have become sought after as classics. The books listed in them are indeed rare and important. Wood is often the only source to buy these particular publications, which are often photographically illustrated.

He is at it again and has a new 84-page catalogue on The Photograph and the Book. It contains some of the classics of 19th century and a few 20th century classics as well. There are very early (as early as 1839) and important catalogues and books relating to stereos, daguerreotypes and photography art prints.

He's offered to send his catalogue free to readers of this newsletter. Simply email him at cbw@world.std.com or phone him at 617-868-1711 to request your copy. Be sure to mention this newsletter to get the catalogue free.