Issue #146  7/24/2008
Andrew Smith Gallery Joins I Photo Central, Adding Thousands of Photographers and Images

The Andrew Smith Gallery has joined the I Photo Central website's member galleries. It is the one of the world's leading photography galleries selling 19th and 20th-century classical and contemporary original photographs. You can see the photography offered by the gallery up on the I Photo Central website here: http://www.iphotocentral.com/search/result_list.php/64/14/0 . There are over 2,000 great images just added to the site by this gallery.

The gallery has been in the business of buying, selling and exhibiting fine historic and contemporary photography since 1974. Beginning with the sale of three Edward Curtis prints to the Madison Art Center in that year, Andrew Smith expanded his interests in both finding important collections and masterpieces and in exhibiting an eclectic mixture of the finest regional, national and international fine art photographs. In the past 10 years the gallery has had an estimated 500,000 visitors. There are also now two locations for the gallery in the historic plaza district of Santa Fe, NM.

The gallery is known internationally for Historic and Classic Western American Photography and is a major source of collections of work by Ansel Adams, Timothy O'Sullivan, Carleton Watkins, Adam Clark Vroman, William Henry Jackson, Laura Gilpin and Edward S. Curtis.

Among the subject areas in inventory are portraiture, landscape, documentary, fashion, nudes by Flor Garduno, still life, alternative processes, New York City, the American West and the American Indian.

The Andrew Smith Gallery actively represents some of the most famous photographers, such as Paul Caponigro, Eliot Erwitt, Lee Friedlander, Annie Leibovitz, Herman Leonard and Jerry Uelsmann, to other noted regional, national and international photographers, including Christopher Burkett, Miguel Gandert, Joan Myers, Jack Spencer, Barbara Van Cleve, Jody Forster, Alan Ross and Delilah Montoya. The gallery also works with the leading Native American contemporary photographers Victor Masayesva Jr., Hulleah Tsinhnahjinnie, Larry McNeil, Shelley Niro and Zig Jackson.

The older gallery is located at 203 W. San Francisco St., Santa Fe, NM 87501, and currently has a special exhibition by Shelley Niro ( Hiawatha's Belt and Other Visions ) as well as special collections of work by Ansel Adams (Recent Acquisitions) and Jack Spencer (Recent Work: This Land, Gestures, Portraits).

The new gallery located at 122 Grant Avenue, next to the Georgia O'Keeffe museum, currently has two special exhibitions, Joan Myers(Brimstone) and Ansel Adams (Introducing the David H. Arrington Collection of Ansel Adams).

You can also view these exhibitions on line http://www.andrewsmithgallery.com/home.html . You can contact the gallery by email at: info@andrewsmithgallery.com ; or by phone at: 1-505-984-1234.