Issue #151  10/29/2008
Our First (and Probably Only) Political Endorsement: Barack Obama For President

By Alex Novak

I do not regard this newsletter in any way political and never thought I would use it for that purpose, so pardon me for this one instance (especially my many good Republican friends). But I have come to feel that the American Presidential election this time out particularly will be too crucial for any of us to pass up the opportunity to influence its outcome.

In the past I have felt that John McCain was a decent man. While I was never impressed with his astuteness, I did appreciate his forthrightness and courage in battling for issues that--at least in his mind--were the right things to do. And I genuinely hope he goes back to doing things that way in the future.

Unfortunately, I feel the way he has run for President has been disorganized, chaotic and frankly--at times--demagogic. Yes, there are always unfortunate distortions of each candidate's positions, but the Republican Party and the McCain campaign, if not the man himself, has stooped to new lows with its under-the-radar campaign of slurs made by robo-calls and email. These smears have created an atmosphere of hatred, bigotry and divisiveness that can only harm our country. His further choice of Sarah Palin, herself a dangerous, divisive demagogue and anti-intellectual, as a running mate clearly indicated the degree he would stoop to win at any cost. It is a sad commentary on a man who was defeated by similar tactics in 2000 in South Carolina.

On the other hand, I continue to be impressed with Barack Obama's intelligence, coolness under fire and organizational abilities. He has surrounded himself with strong but moderate advisors, and understands how to listen and make good, balanced decisions. Neither the U.S.A., nor the world needs another cowboy in the White House. If you want a beer with someone, go ask your neighbor, or even Sarah and Todd Palin. But what we need in the White House now is the leadership, intelligence and skill of Barack Obama and his running mate Joe Biden. I urge all of my readers to vote for them and to do all that is possible to help get them elected. Take nothing for granted this time. It is too important not to vote for balance, effectiveness, honesty and intelligence in these very troubling times.