Issue #152  11/10/2008
Photo News Briefs


New York City photo gallerist Bruce Silverstein and his wife announced the arrival of an 8 pound, four ounce baby boy last month, whom they have named Blake. And fellow New York City photo gallerist Tom Gitterman and his wife are expecting momentarily. What's in the water that all these photo dealers are drinking lately?


Private photo dealer Larry Baumhor, who maintains a few tables on the second floor of New York City's famed "Garage" flea market on 25th and Sixth Ave., has written and published a new book called "Gefilte Fish in the House of Bedlam". The price is $14.95 and it comes in paperback. I can tell you that the stories are alternatively hilarious and desperate, as Larry bares his soul for all of us to watch--even if it is sometimes from behind hands shielding our eyes from the emotional collision. I applaud Larry for having such courage to open himself up for all to see, and you really will enjoy these stories, even as you cringe (perhaps in self-recognition). You don't have to be Jewish to get lost in this book of short stories--only human. You will laugh, cry, and moan in sympathy, embarrassment and commiseration. Larry leaves no prisoners--least of all himself and his readers. These stories are a very good read indeed. You can either pick up your copy/copies directly from Larry at the Garage or visit and order from his website at http://www.shortstoriesandphotos.com . You will also be able to order the book in about two or three months from Barnes & Noble stores and from that company's website.