Issue #164  10/24/2009
I Photo Central Dealers Announce Artist Exhibitions, News and Events

GAD EDERY has a show of Mitch Dobrowner's magical landscape work on exhibit at 5 rue des sablons, 75116 Paris, door code: A5791 (metro: Trocadéro or Victor Hugo). The work can viewed until November 3rd by appointment.

DIEMAR/NOBLE PHOTOGRAPHY has a current exhibition of works by the British photographer Jonathan Olley. The exhibition focuses on two projects, "Castles of Ulster" and "The Forbidden Forest". "Castles of Ulster" is an extraordinary series of images that Olley made between 1998 and 1999. It features the monstrous architectural progeny of Northern Irelands 'troubles'--an imposing legacy of fortified police stations, watch towers and army barracks. Many regard "Castles of Ulster" as one of the most important documentary projects produced in the UK for decades. Alongside this work, Diemar/Noble presents Olley's new ongoing series, "The Forbidden Forest", in which he continues to explore the peripheral effects of warfare on the landscape--this time undertaking a study of live ammunition abandoned in theaters of war. These images focus on Verdun. Between 1916 and 1918, this land played host to one of the deadliest battles of the First World War, in which around 800,000 young French and German men lost their lives. Almost 100 years later, vast quantities of live ammunition render the land unusable. Untouched and overgrown, the polluted and dangerous hills now literally resemble a wild enchanted forest, whose overgrown surface masks the deadly reality of its grim liberator beneath. The exhibition runs until November 21, 2009.

DIEMAR/NOBLE PHOTOGRAPHY will hold an opening reception on November 25th, for a major retrospective of George Rodger (1908-1995). Rodger was a founding member of the Magnum photo agency and is one of the 20th century's most important photojournalists. This exhibition will mark the 60th anniversary of Rodgers travels through Sudan where he photographed the Nuba tribe, documenting their daily lives and their competitions in wrestling, spear and bracelet fighting. The exhibition has been organized in collaboration with the George Rodger archive and features his some of his most celebrated images, alongside many that have remained unpublished, amongst them images of the Acholi tribe, taken in 1954. The exhibition will run from November 26, 2009-January 16, 2010. Gallery hours are 11- 6, Tuesday through Saturday, Diemar/Noble Photography is located at 66/67 Wells Street, London W1P 3PY; Telephone +44-(0)207 636 5375.

CONTEMPORARY WORK/VINTAGE WORKS notes that the Museum of Photographic Arts (MoPA) in Balboa Park announced a major gift of 135 Arthur Tress photographs to the Museum's permanent collection. "Tress is an important photographer from the well of artists who emerged in the late 1960s. He brought whimsy and 'personal' to the otherwise heavily documentary trend of those years," says MoPA Curator Carol McCusker. "With his inclusion, MoPA's collection expands its 1960s/1970s holdings, a chapter in photo-history that is yet to be written and fully appreciated."

CONTEMPORARY WORK/VINTAGE WORKS also reports that artists Claudia Kunin and Jerry Spagnoli recently participated in the first exposition of international contemporary daguerreotypes, and Daguerre's panorama, which ran through October 18th in Bry-Sur-Marne at the Hotel de Malestroit, just 7 miles from the center of Paris. Spagnoli gave a demonstration on how to make a daguerreotype and showed some of his contemporary daguerreotypes. Kunin had six of her double-layered fabric ghost stories hanging in the exhibition.

I PHOTO CENTRAL AND VINTAGE WORKS are co-sponsoring the gala reception of the Daguerreian Society's 21st Annual Symposium in Philadelphia at the Library Company on November 12th. Alex Novak will be moderating a panel session on Conservation and the Daguerreotype at the Symposium on November 13th. For more details on the Symposium and the photography trade fair on Saturday, November 14th, go to: http://daguerre.org/symposia/symposium2009.php . Vintage Works will be one of the exhibitors at the table-top photography trade fair.