Issue #16  5/22/2000
Marriage, Photography NY Style

It was bound to happen.  In a Life meets Art (as the promotional card even reads) scenario, two New York photography gallery partners have decided to tie the knot romantically and celebrate their marriage and passion with a photography show entitled--what else--"I Do."

Janet Sirmon and Alan Klotz will be getting married themselves on June 10.  Not in the gallery though, but in a special place in the Catskills.

But at the suggestion (some would say instigation) of fellow dealer Keith DeLellis, they will have a show of wedding photography at the gallery, and not just any wedding photography, but photography by the likes of Steichen, etc. 

They have even reserved a small section of the gallery's wall for a couple of contact prints of their own wedding.  Think roses, lots of roses.  But you'll have to wait until about June 13-14 for these special pictures.

You can see the rest of the exhibit beginning Thursday, June 1st between 6-8:30 pm right on through to June 24th.  Yes, it's a June wedding and gallery show.  Perfect, yes?  We wish the couple all the very best.

Alan Klotz/Photocollect is on 22 E 72nd St. in New York City.  The gallery's phone number is: 212-327-2211.  Normal gallery hours are 11am-6pm, Wed.-Sat.