Issue #21  10/18/2000
More News

A record price for a photogravure on eBay was set recently when a Paul Strand of Wall Street sold for $9100. The last auction record was over four years ago at Sotheby's for over $4000, but several dealers indicate that this image when available might sell for between $6500-$7500. It is one of the most important of the Camera Work photogravures. One more reason to be careful at on-line auctions and not get too carried away…French dealers and collectors found themselves recently blocked from using Sotheby’s web site apparently after the auction house felt pressure from the French government over infringement on auction exclusivity for French houses. Apparently they did not want to rock the boat on the upcoming changes in the French auction rules, which should allow Sotheby’s (and Christie’s) to have their own auctions in Paris. A number of my French friends were highly disappointed by this action.