Issue #31  8/2/2001
Check Out The Iphotocentral Website

If you haven't recently looked at our website, you should check out the inventory. Over 2300 images are currently up on the site. Major changes are in the works for the site over the next several months. You will find new articles on Buying Photography and a complete new list of the Best Photography Collecting Books in the Collecting Issues and Resources area. The calendar has also been recently updated.

The IPhotoCentral site is at: http://www.iphotocentral.com. You can click on this URL address with your browser open to take you to the site.

Calendar of Events

To have your event listed for free, send your information to: anovak@comcat.com or the address at the bottom of this newsletter. We now offer logo links to the event's web site and/or special extended event listings with full web-page pop-ups as a paid option for galleries, museums, exhibits managers, auction houses, etc. Contact me at 215-822-5662 for details.