Issue #32  8/15/2001
Corrections and Apologies

Michael Sachs let me know that he was not the underbidder on the Roger Fenton Billiard Players in the Paul Walter's sale. Although he bid up the lot, he indicates that it was a phone bidder who provided the last bit of competition for Michael Wilson and the Getty.

Dealer Robert Hershkowitz took umbrage with my coverage of him in issue #29 on the Pescheteau-Badin auction. While I think that what I said was accurate, there is sometimes a fine line between dramatizing coverage by mentioning people and the personal observations that may make dry auction details sound exciting or funny, and denigrating a person--something that I never wish to do. As I have said in past newsletters, I have great respect for Hershkowitz's eye and many contributions to the field (his book The British Photographer Abroad: The First Thirty Years, is one of my selections for best book on English Photography in the I Photo Central web site's section on Collecting Issues and Resources). What I may find simply a little amusing, others may view quite differently. My genuine apologies to Robert if I stepped over the line. It was not my intention to hurt him in any way.