Issue #45  6/27/2002
Doris Folberg Passes Away

Photo San Francisco will not be the same for me this year. I will miss my pleasant dinners with my dear friend, Doris Folberg, who has recently passed away at 82 after a long and valiant fight against breast cancer. I greatly cherished the close relationship that I had with Doris and her late husband Joe.

Some of my newsletter readers may remember my previous story about Doris in Issue #18. As I said two years ago, "At 80 years old, Doris herself has and is facing cancer with a straightforwardness that is disarming, to say the least. She maintains a wonderful sense of humor while facing things head-on. I only wish I had some of her sense of balance and courage, although Doris would never call it courage."

Doris was indeed courageous, and her family, her many friends and I will morn the loss of this very special person.

She was buried in Israel, next to her husband Joe, who was a prominent AIPAD photo dealer.

Her son Neil Folberg's email telling us about the sad news noted that: "She was a constant source of happiness and blessing to our family--always happy and determined, never discouraged!"

The Folbergs have established a memorial fund in Doris' name in cooperation with the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (SPNI), which I might point out is a non-political organization encouraging both Israeli and Arab participation. This fund will be used to further conservation issues and conservation education in Jerusalem and the surrounding area. In particular, it is hoped to establish a garden in her memory in central Jerusalem in the courtyard of the Jerusalem offices of the SPNI. Those of you who might wish to honor her memory with a donation can send those donations to:

The Doris Jean Folberg Memorial Fund

SPNI Jerusalem Branch

13 Heleni Hamalka St.

95101 Jerusalem


Checks should be made out to: "ASPNI - Sustainable Jerusalem". Contributions are tax deductible in both the United States and Israel. The family, in coordination with Avraham Shaked of the SPNI, who is a close friend of the family and knew Doris well, will administer the fund.

For more information about some of these environmental programs please go to: http://www.sustainable-jerusalem.org.il

If you wish to reply directly to the family, Neil has requested that you reply to their private email address: asfolberg@yahoo.com