Issue #54  3/3/2003
Be-hold Holds Its 41st Sale; Adds Contemporary Color

Be-hold Auction No. 41 will contain a selection of important 20th-century prints, along with its usual offerings of 19th-century material. The phone and website auction will close on March 27. There will be a preview of all the material on March 21-23, at the Plaza 50 Hotel, 50th St off 3d Ave, New York City.

The first section, a "Portrait Gallery", presents a selection of the strongest portraits in various processes, mixing daguerreotypes, Civil War and American Indian subjects with many vintage print portraits from Hollywood and the arts by major photographers such as Genthe, Bull, Newman, Horst, Morath, and Michals.

A number of lots in the auction are presented on behalf of amfAR, the American Foundation for AIDS Research.

There are a number of important formal and experimental photographs, including color photographs by--among others--conceptual artists Keith Sonnier and Rebecca Horn, and contemporary artist Cindy Sherman.

Larry produces a well-illustrated informative catalog, available in North America for $50 for three issues including prices realized, or $20 for a sample issue. Material is also presented on the be-hold.com website. Those who wish to bid only, but not receive the catalog, may register for a $10 registration fee, but the additional $10 for the catalog itself is well worth the difference. See the site at http://www.be-hold.com or e-mail Larry Gottheim at behold@be-hold.com or phone him at 1-914-423-5806.