Issue #59  7/3/2003
200 New Images Just Posted to Iphotocentral Website

You can also find 200 new images up on the web site, posted up just this last week (and about 35 more in the last month). Photographers whose important images have just be posted up to the website, include: Albin-Guillot, Kertesz, Robert Frank, Atget (a Chestnut Merchant is particularly appealing), Eakins, Sudek (a rare pigment print of a tree-lined path through the woods from 1923), Ray Metzker, Marville, Miot, Mortensen, Kollar, Fizeau, Brassai, Mailand, Misonne, Simelli (one of row boats along the Tiber; I also have another Cloud study coming this fall), Aubry, Bilordeaux, Tuefferd, Yvonne Chevalier, Braun (some large flower studies), Domini, Khaldei, Ivan Raoult, Andre Steiner (a great image of a cigar smoker), Dr. Paul Wolff, Henriette Moulier, Reichman, Benakova-Fantlova, Chauffourier, Doisneau, Krull, Gabrielova, Klein, Moulin, Arthur Radclyffe Dugmore (a group of early wild animal images), Pluschow, Langenheim, Baldus, Giacomelli and many others.

We also put up some great paper negatives by Victor Regnault, Louis Robert and someone in the circle of Le Gray.

Plus a large group of daguerreotypes has just been added and some wonderful anonymous views (or ones by lesser-known photographers), such as the following: Niagara Falls, Alaska (a good group of 9 views), pictures of writer Zola and his family, a Cigarette Making Machine and many other interesting images. Charles Schwartz has also posted up a fine group of Japanese WWII propaganda photographs (more on that in the story below).

In addition, we are privileged to be one of only two American dealers to have the new Drtikol portfolio. A magically printed set of prints of astonishing beauty. This limited edition comes in only 30 sets, plus 5 artist's proofs, authorized and signed by Drtikol's only daughter. None of these images have been used since the 1930s. The original pigment process has been used and the images were printed from the original glass plate negatives. The prints are 11-1/8 x 8-3/4 in. or the reverse. They are all signed in pencil on the verso by the daughter, Ervina Boková-Drtikolová, who provided the exclusive copyright to enable the photographs to be made. In archive mounts, they come in a box designed by Otakar Karlas, a renowned Czech graphic artist. The pigment prints were made by Michal MackÛ under the supervision of Vladimír Birgus. The copy offered here is numbered 4/30. Lesser images in vintage pigment prints have been selling for $50,000-$100,000 each. The price on this portfolio is $12,000. The reorder, now past the next price break, is already at the higher retail price of $15,000.

Just go to http://www.iphotocentral.com/search/search.php and go to the drop down menu on "Time Frame of Posting" and click on "Past Month". You will see all of the great images posted up within the last 30 days, some just this week.