Issue #60  7/21/2003
Photo Dept. Changes in Sotheby's London Office; New Autumn Auction For Olympia Location Is Announced

Sotheby's London office continues to go through some major changes after the earlier departure of Philippe Garner last year. Dr. Juliet Hacking has been named head of the new Photography Department, which is now part of the Book Division. The photography area had previously been in a joint Decorative Arts and Photographs department. Lydia Cresswell-Jones is now consultant to the new photography department. Rebecca Le Fevre is sales administrator and Joanne Wainwright will provide departmental support. Contact information, including phone and email, for both Hacking and Cresswell-Jones remains the same. The department remains at the New Bond Street location.

The new Photo Department is having its first sale of photographs at Sotheby's Olympia location on November 19th, later this year. Like its competitor Christie's, this autumn offering will feature "affordable photography", according to Dr. Hacking. She told me, "We are hoping to develop a sale built around certain categories (such as fashion, celebrity, vernacular) that are appealing to established and new collectors alike, but that do not always fit with the profile of the May sale."