Issue #74  7/18/2004
Martin Gordon Gallery Joins I Photo Central; Nearly 800 New Images Just Added to Site; New Special Exhibits On I Photo Central

I would like to welcome another new photography dealer, which has recently become a member of I Photo Central: Martin Gordon Gallery. The gallery joins dealers Christopher Cardozo Fine Art, Galerie Hypnos, Charles Schwartz, Ltd. and Vintage Works, Ltd.

Situated in the heart of the growing art community in downtown Phoenix, AZ, Martin Gordon Gallery is just blocks from the Phoenix Art Museum. The present gallery, located in an historic neighborhood, is the successor to Martin Gordon, Inc., which dates to the 1960s. As well as dealing in photographs and fine prints, Martin Gordon held a number of legendary photograph and print auctions in New York City in the mid 1970s.

The gallery offers a wide range of images by both recognized and lesser-known photographers, including Edward S. Curtis, Man Ray, Edward Weston, William Henry Jackson, and Manuel Alvarez Bravo. It also represents the estates of Morris Berman and Howard Dils. The gallery’s stock is constantly changing, and they welcome ongoing inquiries and specific requests.

Martin Gordon Gallery is a private dealer, by appointment only, at 306 West Coronado Road, Phoenix, Arizona, 85003-1147, USA. The main telephone number is 1-602-253-6948; toll free is 1-800-892-4622; and fax is 1-602-253-2104. Please contact Amanda Collins or Pablo Ruiz at info@MartinGordonGallery.com . The direct website is www.MartinGordonGallery.com . You can view the hundreds of photographs offered by Martin Gordon Gallery by going to I Photo Central's Member Gallery page at http://www.iphotocentral.com/dealer/dealer.php , scrolling down to the gallery's listing and then clicking on the "Show All Member's Images" button.

Beides Martin Gordon's new images on the site, Charles Schwartz, Ltd. and Vintage Works, Ltd. have added another large group to the site in just the last week. To see the latest images go to the Search page at: http://www.iphotocentral.com/search/search.php and go to TIME FRAME OF POSTING and select either "Past 7 Days" (over 550) or "Past Month" (nearly 800) to see all the new images posted.

Some of the photographers represented in the new additions include important vintage prints from Eugene Atget, Felice Beato, Paul Berthier, Julia M. Cameron, Lewis Carroll, Andre De Dienes, Marcus Doyle, Arthur Durham (early microphotographs), Laure Albin-Guillot, Ilse Bing, Marcel Bovis, Bill Brandt, Brassai, Harry Callahan, Charles Clifford, Harold Corsini, Andre Adolphe-Eugene Disderi, Robert Doisneau, Alfred Eisenstaedt, Charles Fredricks, Vincenso Galdi, Eugene Harris, Lotte Jacobi, Andre Kertesz, Francois Kollar, Herbert List, Jean Moral, Inge Morath, Charles Negre, Jozsef Pecsi, Rene-Jacques, Louis-Remy Robert, Willy Ronis, Eva Rubinstein, Auguste Salzmann, William Saunders, Aaron Siskind, Andre Steiner, Isaiah Taber, Captain Linnaeus Tripe, Francois Tuefferd, Geza Vandor, Lionel Wendt, Brett Weston and Jessie Whitehurst studio (perhaps the only known image of Whitehurst).

You will also find two new Special Exhibits up on I Photo Central, added to the other 27 current exhibits that were already on display. We have also continued to change images and add to our essays for all our Special Exhibits, so they are worth another peek, especially if you have not looked lately.

Our two latest additions are "Marcus Doyle: New Color Work" and "Geza Vandor: A Hungarian in Paris".

Marcus Doyle is a young Brit with considerable talent for his 32 years. If you collect and admire contemporary color work, then this photographer should deserve your undivided attention, because I think he may be the next stage in this type of work. He shoots without filters or computer manipulation, but the images, which are shot during the twilight or evening hours, exhibit highly saturated colors and a formalism that hints of surrealism.

Doyle says he is "interested in the boundaries people create within a society and started to photograph examples of these using large format cameras. After several trips to my hometown in the north of England, I became a witness to the constant new housing developments and manmade urban sprawls. It was this that prompted me to begin a new project. These images were mostly shot at night with whatever light was available. I found that the long exposures and resulting saturated colors created a world few of us are actually familiar with but still live in every day."

Doyle is painstaking careful and has often come away from an entire month's shooting with only one striking image. As I noted earlier, this is a photographer to watch, because, in my opinion, he may be the most important color photographer since Gursky and Eggleston.

Images are available in 11 x 14 inch to 30 x 40 inch sizes in very small editions.

Geza Vandor is a major discovery. Vandor was a friend of fellow Hungarians Ergy Landau, André Kertész and Sigismond Kolos-Vary, who encouraged his work. He worked from the late 1920s through the early 1950s.

His images share the same sensibilities as Russian constructionist photographs of the same period. Sharp angles, motion, heavy shadow, smoke and distorted viewpoints were all earmarks of this approach, which in Paris was virtually unique to Vandor's imagery. But Vandor's work also combined the best of the Parisian influences of the time. The mystery of the images and bizarre slices of life that he photographed took much from the Surrealist movement, which found its center in Paris.

In addition to the two new exhibits, Vintage Works has just revised and put back up its popular Andre Kertesz Special Exhibit.

You can see these fine exhibits, along with 26 others at: http://www.iphotocentral.com/showcase/showcase.php .