Issue #82  12/10/2004
Polish Photographer Pawelec Dies in Warsaw At The Age of 81

The Polish photographer Wladyslaw Pawelec died on October 28 in Warsaw at the age of 81. He was not that well known in the West, but Jeff Dunas edited a book about him in 1985 (the book was called Friends of Zofia) and Pawelec has at least six other books that are available in the West. Pawelec also had many exhibitons. His daughter Dorota and son-in-law Michal own a gallery in Amsterdam (Six Images gallery http://members.ams.chello.nl/jwnini/Six%20Images/ ), and there will be an exhibiton there of Pawelec's work in January. My thanks to newsletter reader Lee James Beeley of Freyja Fine Arts for this information.