Issue #86  3/19/2005
Online Photography Week Held March 30-31

Capitol Gallery and Christopher Wahren Fine Photographs will hold their spring Online Photography Week sales on Wednesday and Thursday, March 30-31, 2005.

The sales, in an absentee-auction format, encompass a large group of cased images, including daguerreotypes and ambrotypes of musicians, a pipe-smoking sailor, children, portraits and occupationals, and plates by Southworth and Hawes. Several excellent stereo daguerreotypes include plates by Trutpert Schneider, Betrand (Paris), and an English naval officer with signaling telescope. Rare thermoplastic cases are also found in the Capitol Gallery sale.

Included in both sales are 19th and 20th-century paper photography, including prints by Laura Gilpin, Frank Meadow Sutcliffe, Disderi and Sebah, a large platinum print of an Indian squaw by Mossinger, several stunning images of Turkish warriors, and a group of contemporary platinum prints. Online catalogs and further information on the two sales are on the Online Photography Week website at http://www.photographyweek.com . Print catalogs for both sales are available.