Issue #86  3/19/2005
I Photo Central Traffic Continues Steep Climb

The I Photo Central website seems to keep hitting new records for number of visitors and hits each month. After December's steep increase, I thought we might get a bit of a let down, but, no, the traffic has continued to increase.

In January, I Photo Central had 104,953 visitors and 2,371,922 hits. In February (a short month at that) the site had 114,888 visitors and 2,857,044 hits.

I would like to thank all our readers who have visited the I Photo Central website ( http://www.iphotocentral.com ).

For those of you who have not yet checked us out, now is an excellent time with the big Spring Clearance Sale going on. Besides the nearly 5,000 images for sale, there is also lots of important information on photography collecting on the site, 39 Special Exhibits, an International Calendar of Photography Events, the complete archive of the E-Photo Newsletter (all 86 issues), and much more.