Issue #93  9/21/2005
People and Places in The News

The J. PAUL GETTY MUSEUM has a new director, MICHAEL BRAND, formerly director of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. Brand's strengths are in Asian art and raising funds. It is unclear whether or not he will be as supportive of photography as past directors. He did not really support much of a photography program at VMoFA, but perhaps the Getty's new mix will encourage him to branch out.

SOPHIE GORDON has been named the new curator of the ROYAL PHOTOGRAPH COLLECTION at Windsor Castle. She will leave her former post at the Alkazi Collection at the end of this month.

ANNE BALDASSARI will become the new director of the PICASSO NATIONAL MUSEUM on October 22nd. Her show "Picasso/Dora Maar, the Red Period" is scheduled for February15, 2006.

GORDON BALDWIN has retired from the J. PAUL GETTY MUSEUM. He will continue as a photography curator, however, starting with an exhibition for the Santa Barbara Museum of Art.

My friend FRANÇOISE SCHEIN is one of a group of artists and architects involved in the redesign of the Luxembourg RER station in Paris. The exhibition, sponsored by the ASSOCIATION INSCRIRE, depicts information on and photographs of the Favela of Brazil, one of the worst slums in the world, yet with its own unique life. The redesign of the station incorporating the exhibit opens Sept. 23rd.