Issue #93  9/21/2005
Heffel Launches Major Photography Online Auction

Heffel Gallery will close on its major online auction this Saturday, September 24 starting at 4 pm EST. The web site for the photography auction can be found at: http://www.heffel.com/New/online/Lots.aspx?Search=0&ID=0&Page=1&AucID=-1 . If this connection breaks in transit simply go to I Photo Central's Calendar at: http://www.iphotocentral.com/calendar/calendar_items.php/5 and scroll down to the Heffel logo and click on it.

The Canadian firm has put together an impressive line-up for an online auction, including photography from such major photographers as Abbott, Baldus, Bourke-White, Brassai, Caponigro, Carter, Cartier-Bresson, Curtis, Davidson, Doisneau, Eisenstaedt, Evans, Faurer, Garduno, Hardy, Horst, Kenna, Klein, Magritte, Metzker, Moon, Morgan, Morris, Renger-Patzsch, Riboud, Siskind, Steichen, Stock, Tata, Tripe and Witkiewicz. Work by Canadian photographers, including Barbeau, Bourdeau, Karsh (a large Winston Churchill) and Vanderpant, are also up for sale.

There is a 15% premium but the prices are in Canadian dollars (about 86 U.S. cents to the Canadian dollar), effectively offsetting the premium.

For more information, contact either of the two Heffel locations: Toronto at 1-416-961-6505 and Vancouver at 1-604-732-6505. Photography expert Tessa Ohlendorf can also be reached by email at: tessa@heffel.com .