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August Kreyenkamp - Microphotography
Man Ray - Sailors Painting a Ship
Emile Langui (Circle of) - Surreal Still Life of Feather, Marbles and Crystal
Jean Moral (attributed to) - Nude Woman in a Leather Corset with Mask Strategically Placed
Paul Heismann - Experimental Nude
Josef Balcar - Untitled Photomontage
Anonymous - Montage of Women
P. Schulz - Rouages (Photogram)
Jaroslav Simek - Composition
Angelo (Paul Funk) - My Venus
Stanko Abadžic - Hands and Eyes (from the Paris Cycle)
Geza Vandor - Achat
Christophe (Krzysztof) Pruszkowski - Two Photographs: 60 1st and 2nd Class Passengers on Vincennes-Neuilly Line, Paris
Jacques-Henri Lartigue - Still Life with Disembodied Hands, Fruit, and Vase
Francois Kollar - Double-Impression of the Eiffel Tower, Paris
Edmund Kesting - Tanz Dore Hoyer, Dresden
Barbara Morgan - City Shell (Photomontage)
Francois Kollar - Photomontage with Chess Pieces and Woman
Otto Hofmann - Begegnung! Auf Dem Quai!
Ray K. Metzker - Unique Photogram of Leaves

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