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Anonymous - Eight Microscopic Views
Anonymous - Harvard Class of (?), Lawrence Scientific School
Anonymous - Henri Lachambre and His Balloon at Nancy, France
Anonymous - Microscopic Cross-section of a Plant
Anonymous - Portrait of Jean Bernard Leon Foucault
Anonymous - Russian Dissection on Man
Anonymous - Russian Dissection on Woman
Anonymous - Russian Dissection on Woman
Anonymous - Vanities: Cat Stretched out on Desk with Skull, Microscopes, Photographs, Bronze of a Dog and a Glass of Water
Anonymous - X-Ray of the Elbow (Humerus, Radius and Ulna)
Adolphe Bertsch - Biological Microscope Study
Adolphe Bertsch - Biological Microscope Study of Fossilized Wood
Adolphe Bertsch - Microscopic Study (Esquilles dos Maxillaire Necrose)
Caesar Comas & Agustí Prió - Large X-Ray of a Woman
Prof. Contremoulin (attributed to) - Large X-ray of a Child's Torso
Prof. Contremoulin (attributed to) - Large X-Ray of a Torso
Dr. Samuel William Fletcher - Photo-Micrograph of Section of Cancer
A. D. Handy - Scientist with Partial Skeleton and Skull
Jules Janssen (attributed to) - Photographic Telescope
Loewy & Puiseux - Photographie Lunaire: Atlas-Democrite-Chr. Mayer

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