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Anonymous, Japanese - Studio Portrait of Two Couples
Anonymous - Two Japanese Boys Wearing Russian Hats and Coats (Western Style Clothing)
Hayashi - Portrait of a Man and Woman Standing Before a Screen
Anonymous - Early Portrait of a Family in Outdoor Studio
Anonymous - Portrait of a Woman
Anonymous - Portrait of Standing Man with Topknot 
 and Seated Man in Western Dress
Hirota - Portrait of Three Men
Masumi Hori I - Profile Portrait of Woman Reading
Anonymous - Portrait of a Man in a Coat and Hat
Anonymous - Portrait of Samurai Tachibana Keifuku Wearing his Sword
Anonymous - Full-Length Portrait of 3 Upper Class Ojo-Sang with Hands Folded in Front of Them
Anonymous - Portrait of a Mining Engineer Wearing Western Clothes - Suit, Bow-tie, Leather Shoes, Straw Hat in Hand
Izumi (Studio) - Young Man With Book Before Ornately Carved Pedestal
Anonymous - Studio Portrait of Two Women
Anonymous (Japanese) - Portrait of Iwasaki Misaro and Murai Yoshiro
Anonymous - Seated Man with Broom, Sept. 24, 1891
Nishida Kirakushi Studio - Portrait of a Boy Standing Next to a Seated Man
Anonymous - Portrait of a Man in Traditional Dress, Standing Next to a Flower Arrangement Posed on a Chair
Anonymous - Portrait of a Twelve Year Old Boy
Anonymous - Portrait of Yoshida Shigeaki with One Foot on his Lap
Anonymous - Studio Portrait of a Seated Man
Anonymous - Three Japanese School Boys
Anonymous - Three Japanese Men in Western Dress
Anonymous - Portrait of Two Boys
Anonymous - Portrait of a Seated Young Man Holding Umbrella

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