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Yoshiro Hirogane - Untitled (fishing boat)
Akira Ibuka - Three Photographs: "Lady Saint Denis of the Denishawn Dance Company by Akira Ibuka"(Translation)
Akira Ibuka - Translation: "Yoshino River taken by Akira Ibuka, second person from right is Roso Fukuhara, center is Shinzo Fukuhara"
Taikichi Irie - Woman Puppet with Elaborate Hair from Bunraku Puppet Theater
Osaka Asahi Shinbun - The Doshima Building, Osaka, as Seen Through Early Prototype of the Fisheye Lens
Sendai Photographic Group - White Cat on Steps, Sendai, Japan
Toda - Harvested Daikon
Toda - Wooden Fence and Leaves

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