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Andre Kertesz - "Do They Play Hide and Seek?" (Girl Ties up Dog to Play)
André Kertész - A Picnic Party in Bois de Boulogne, Paris
Andre Kertesz - André Kertész (Signed Copy)
Andre Kertesz - Carousel Horses, Paris
Andre Kertesz - Chimneys, Figure, Stacks and Firescapes
Andre Kertesz - Circus, Budapest
André Kertész - Classroom of Children
Andre Kertesz - Defense d'Afficher, Paris (Post No Bills)
Andre Kertesz - Distortion #20
Andre Kertesz - Distortion #65
Andre Kertesz - Distortion No.40
Andre Kertesz - Empire State Building in a Puddle, New York City
André Kertész - Fish Sign, New York City, NY
Andre Kertesz - Gypsy Children Fighting
Andre Kertesz - Les quai de la Seine, Clochards, Paris
André Kertész - Marionettes from the Experimental Puppeteer Geza Blattner
Andre Kertesz - Martinique
Andre Kertesz - Melancholic Tulip
André Kertész - Modernist Tree Study against a Riveted Metal Tank
Andre Kertesz - Portrait of Eva Révai, Kertész's Lover

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