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Todd Webb - Self Portrait of Todd Webb and Wife Lucille, Bath, ME
Man Ray - Self Portrait  (Holiday in Antibes)
Marina Karella - Untitled (Self Portrait)
Bill Owens - Self Portrait (with wig display)
Vladimir Birgus - Rovinj, Croatia
Ted Jones - Ted I (Self Portrait)
Dr. Leonard Buschman - Self Portrait of Photographer
Tram-Dat-Chi - Self Portrait in Forest
Adolphe Braun & Co. - Portrait of Photographer Jean-Jacques Heilmann
Duc de Massa - Self Portrait Sitting at a Table Reading a Paper
Edouard Baldus - View of Perigueux, France, with Shadow of Photographer and His Camera
Julia Margaret Cameron - Portrait of Henry Herschel Hay Cameron
Jean-Eugene-Auguste Atget - L'Oranger (with Shadow of Photographer and His Camera)
Leonard Misonne - Self Portrait of Leonard Misonne and His Family
W. W. Weir - Portrait of James McKissack, FRPS, Photographer
Edward Weston - Portrait of Photographer Johann Hagemeyer
Laura Gilpin - Self-Portrait, 1929
Sigismund Blumann - Self-Portrait with Pipe
Ilse Bing - Self Portrait, Canal Saint Martin, Paris
Anonymous (Possibly by Margaret Bourke White) - Photographer Margaret Bourke White
Geza Vandor - Fisheye Self Portrait with Twin Lens Camera and Christmas Bulb
George Daniell - Self Portrait with Camera and Mirror
Robert Doisneau - Industrial Plant at Saint-Gobain, Le Havre, France
Andy Warhol - Man Ray
John Coplans - Self Portrait, Interlocking Fingers No. 19
John Coplans - Self Portrait (Clenched Thumb II)
John Coplans - Self Portrait: Back and Hands
Arthur Tress - Self Portrait in Cabin in Casper, WY
Joel D. Levinson - Untitled #65 (Self Portrait)
Ted Jones - Self-Portrait of the Photographer with Camera
Stanko Abadžic - Untitled, (Self Portrait) Prague
Margaret Cressman - Untitled Triptych (Nude Self Portrait)
Lisa Holden - Lizard Boy
Lisa Holden - Reclining
Dave Rudin - Nude, Joshua Tree #4

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