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Laure Albin-Guillot - Portrait of a Woman
Anonymous - Arco della Pace, Milan
Anonymous - Hawaiian Princess
Anonymous - Model Airplane
Anonymous - Street Patterns (Cars, Crosswalks, Shadows)
Anonymous (French) - On the Banks of the River
Anonymous (French) - Partially Finished Sculpture in Clay in Sculptor's Studio, France
Anonymous (French) - Sculptor's Wife in His Studio
Anonymous (French) - Sculptor, Child Model (Probably His Daughter) and Bust of the Child
Anonymous (German) - Greeting the Elephant
Anonymous (German) - Water Lilies
Bailey Brothers - Part of Evening Catch, Phoenix Cannery, Frazier River, BC, Canada
Tom Baril - Washington Monument, Washington DC
Burton Brothers - Milford Sound, Mitre Peak 5560 Feet, New Zealand
Amy Conger - Portrait of Beaumont Newhall with Photographs
Baron Adolph De Meyer - The Cup
Dr. Samuel William Fletcher - Photo-Micrograph of Section of Cancer
A. D. Handy - Scientist with Partial Skeleton and Skull
Kenneth Heilbron - Advertising Image of a Woman on Folding Beach Chair
Kenneth Heilbron - Portrait of a Man (Perhaps Photographer's Father) with Pekinese Cat
Kenneth Heilbron - Untitled
Ernest L. Hoppe - Kansas Kickapoo Indian Woman
Josuah Martin - Maori Girl Tatooed (Susan, Rotorua)
Rene-Jacques  (Rene Giton) - Couple sur le canal Saint-Martin
Leni Riefenstahl - Image from Tiefland
Leni Riefenstahl - Self Portrait from Tiefland
Sy Seidman - Bicyclist Jumping off of Ramp
E. Sergysels - Nun in a Small Street in Belgium
Josef Vorisek - Children on Fence

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