Issue #255  12/9/2022
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British Photographers Donate Work for a Print Sale to Support New British Photography Center

By Alex Novak

Karen Knorr, Peers of the Realm, 2015 (Copyright the photographer), one of the photographs offered in the online print sale.
Karen Knorr, Peers of the Realm, 2015 (Copyright the photographer), one of the photographs offered in the online print sale.

A new online print sale featuring the work of more than 50 of some of the best photographers working in Britain today is live until December 22nd. It will raise funds for the new Centre for British Photography and the Hyman Foundation's support of emerging photographers in Britain, through commissions, grants, exhibitions and acquisitions.

Featuring the work of Julia Fullerton-Batten, David Hurn, Karen Knorr and Martin Parr among others and priced at £70, the A4 prints will be available to purchase until December 22nd on the Centre for British Photography website: www.britishphotography.org.

The Centre, a new home for British photography, will open in London in late January. It will build on the Hyman Collection of British photography and the work of the Hyman Foundation. Three floors of exhibitions will present the diverse landscape of British photography today, as well as an historical overview. The 8,000 sq. ft. Centre will be free to visit year-round and will offer exhibitions, events and talks, a shop and an archive and library.

Tracy Marshall-Grant, the Centre for British Photography's newly-appointed Deputy Director, said: "We want to thank all the photographers for their huge generosity in providing work for this print sale, it is so appreciated. The funds raised will go towards supporting British photographers through commissions, grants, exhibitions, acquisitions and sales."

James Hyman, Founding Director, said: "The Centre for British Photography is for anyone with an interest in photography. Photography in Britain is some of the best in the world, and we want to give it more exposure and support. With this new physical space, alive with exhibitions and events, we hope to create a hub that increases British photography's national and international status. We hope in the long run to develop an independent centre. The print sale will help us to create a self-sustaining dedicated National Collection and public program."

When it opens in January 2023, the Centre for British Photography will feature photographs from 1900 to the present, work by photographers living and working in the UK today, and images taken by those who immigrated to the UK. It will present self-generated exhibitions and those led by independent curators and organizations, as well as monographic displays. The Centre plans to stage numerous exhibitions throughout the year and also bring together the photographic community--professional and amateur--through its talks and events program.

The Hyman Collection includes over 3,000 significant works by more than 100 artists including Bill Brandt, Bert Hardy, Daniel Meadows, Jo Spence, Karen Knorr, Anna Fox and Heather Agyepong. It is currently available as a global online resource, and it also has a history of lending to exhibitions outside London. Now, with this new home, regional museums, galleries and photography collectives will also be invited to use the Central London space to present exhibitions and collaborate on talks and events.

Photographers donating work to the print sale include in A-Z order: Heather Agyepong, Frederic Aranda, Sian Bonnell, Tessa Bunney, The Caravan Gallery, Natasha Caruana, Edmund Clark, Robert Darch, Sian Davey, John Davies, Lottie Davies, Craig Easton, Jillian Edelstein, Mark Edwards, Anna Fox, Julia Fullerton-Batten, Ken Grant, Brian Griffin, Sunil Gupta, Paul Hart, Paul Hill, Jane Hilton, Tom Hunter, David Hurn, Dafydd Jones, Karen Knorr, Barry Lewis, Jenny Lewis, Jo Longhurst, Tom Lovelace, Sarah Maple, Celine Marchbank, Colin McPherson, Daniel Meadows, Carolyn Mendelsohn, David Moore, Hayley Morris-Cafiero, Jim Mortram, Cheryl Newman, Laura Pannack, Martin Parr, Polly Penrose, Charlie Phillips, Paul Reas, Simon Roberts, Michelle Sank, Helen Sear, Paul Seawright, Andy Sewell, Jem Southam, Homer Sykes, Anastasia Taylor-Lind, Jon Tonks, Bindi Vora and Donovan Wylie.

Novak has over 47 years experience in the photography-collecting arena. He is a long-time member and formally board member of the Daguerreian Society, and, when it was still functioning, he was a member of the American Photographic Historical Society (APHS). He organized the 2016 19th-century Photography Show and Conference for the Daguerreian Society. He is also a long-time member of the Association of International Photography Art Dealers, or AIPAD. Novak has been a member of the board of the nonprofit Photo Review, which publishes both the Photo Review and the Photograph Collector, and is currently on the Photo Review's advisory board. He was a founding member of the Getty Museum Photography Council. He is author of French 19th-Century Master Photographers: Life into Art.

Novak has had photography articles and columns published in several newspapers, the American Photographic Historical Society newsletter, the Photograph Collector and the Daguerreian Society newsletter. He writes and publishes the E-Photo Newsletter, the largest circulation newsletter in the field. Novak is also president and owner of Contemporary Works/Vintage Works, a private photography dealer, which sells by appointment and has sold at exhibit shows, such as AIPAD New York and Miami, Art Chicago, Classic Photography LA, Photo LA, Paris Photo, The 19th-century Photography Show, Art Miami, etc.