P. J. Delbarre & Cie. - Portrait of Photographer Auguste Vacquerie Holding His Watch as if He Were Timing a Photograph's Exposure
Barbara Morgan - City Shell (Photomontage)
Francois Kollar - Photomontage with Chess Pieces and Woman
Carleton E.  Watkins - California Railroad Ferry Solano
Ilse Bing - French Cancan, Moulin Rouge, Paris
Jerry Spagnoli - Obama Inauguration (Swearing In)

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Be-hold Holds June 16th Internet Auction and Puts on Gallery Show in Yonkers, NY that runs until July 16th

Be-hold presents two events in June, an auction on June 16th and a gallery show that runs now until July 16.

The show, "Self in Polaroid" exhibits work by Ellen Carey…

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Featured Exhibit

Japanese Ambrotypes (late 1860s - 1890)

An ambrotype is a collodion wet-plate negative that is mounted in front of a dark background in order to create a positive image. These rare Ambrotypes rank as unique photographic…

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Collecting Resources

Cindy Sherman's Film Stills: An Evaluation Nearly 30 Years Later

"She's good enough to be a real actress."

--Andy Warhol, n.d.

"Cindy Sherman's Film Stills are the best of my generation."

--Richard Prince, May 5, 2007 email

Almost 30 years after its completion, Cindy…

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“If the Internet can be for some websites a disaster where you waste your time, happily some others, such as I Photo Central, give me back the great pleasure to be able to know a lot of things through just a small screen. More precisely, with I Photo Central I learn about what I like and what I work with: photography. This website is rich, well documented, easy to read, regularly updated and useful for both work and general culture. Visit it as often as you want, you do not deal falsely.”

Françoise Paviot

Photography Gallerist

I Photo Central provides thousands of web pages for the photography collector, curator and historian. This site includes articles on collecting issues (such as connoisseurship and print values; insurance and risk management; appraisals; buying and selling images; developing a photography collecting library; framing/matting and preserving your collection; conservation, etc.). The largest for-sale fine art photography gallery on the web is databased here and is easily accessed through an extensive on-site search engine.

225 issues of the popular E-Photo Newsletter are also archived here and are also searchable; and there is a major International Photography Calendar of Events section.

An additional Special Exhibits section focuses on specific topics, photography processes (such as autochromes, daguerreotypes, stereo views and oratones), contemporary photography and individual photographers.