E-Photo Newsletter #235

Vintage Works Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary with Special Catalog

Vintage Works was launched as a sole proprietorship in October 1997 and incorporated the following year. To celebrate its 20th year in business, the company is publishing a full-color, 108-page catalogue with 110 special photographs for sale, spanning the history of the medium in most of its major formats, from daguerreotypes…

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E-Photo Newsletter #234

by Alex Novak

Multiple Hurricanes and Their Effects Set Back Photography and the Arts in Texas, Florida and Elsewhere

While the recent hurricanes and the massive flooding from them had only minor immediate impact on the major museums and institutions in those areas and their photography/art collections, the impact on smaller institutions, photo collectors, dealers and galleries in the line of these weather-related disasters could be significant. And longer-term impacts…

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The parking lot and lobby of hotel where Catherine Couturier was staying BEFORE the mandatory evacuation.

E-Photo Newsletter #233

by Michael Diemar

Photo London Heads off in a Different Direction for Its Third Edition and Ends on an Upbeat Note

"Is it going to work this time?" That was the question that galleries, dealers and observers asked themselves as the organisers Michael Benson and Fariba Farshad of Candlestar opened the third edition of the relaunched Photo London at Somerset House on May 17th. Altogether there were 89 galleries from 16 countries. The…

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Exterior of Pavilion, William Klein (Photo by Michael Diemar)