E-Photo Newsletter #208

by Keith F. Davis

Photographer Ray Metzker Passes Away in Philadelphia

The great American photographer, Ray K. Metzker, died on October 9, 2014, at a care facility in his long-time home of Philadelphia, after a lengthy illness. He was 83. Born in Milwaukee, WI, in 1931, Metzker knew from his teenage years that he would be a photographer. Originally interested in photojournalism,…

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Ray Metzker (photo by Ruth Thorne-Thomsen)

E-Photo Newsletter #207

by Alex Novak

Why Arles Is Important to You—to Photography

You will find an article below about the Rencontres d'Arles International Photography Festival and the issues swirling around this event written by French journalist Gisèle Tavernier, who has specialized in the art and photography market. But perhaps I should put it in context for you, so that you can understand this…

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The end of

E-Photo Newsletter #206

by Alex Novak

New Responsive Web Design For I Photo Central

After a year in the making, I Photo Central has just launched a fully redesigned and responsive website, which makes this website the first in the photography field to do so. Actually this cutting-edge approach makes I Photo Central one of the very first retail database-driven websites to go full responsive…

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